© Jim Kasson
© Jim Kasson

Rfotofolio is pleased to share new work from Jim Kasson.

“I had a benign brain tumor removed last October. I walked into the hospital, but left on a gurney; my left leg no longer functioned. While I was undergoing the long recovery process – I’m much better now – the only photography I could do was from the window of my studio. I had made images from there before, but I then took up the project in earnest. It’s been extremely rewarding for me. I’m still finding new things about my view to explore.

I make both color and B&W images of the hills across from my window. The B&W ones are made with cameras that have been converted to be sensitive to infrared light, and only to such light. The images here are all infrared.

The hills outside my window comprise a working cattle ranch. This is not virgin wilderness, by any means. At first, I was a bit put off by that, but now I prize the fact that we’re looking at the hand of man here, as well as a generous helping of nature.” Jim Kasson

© Jim Kasson
© Jim Kasson

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Jim Kasson. 


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