Works of art can inspire by giving you a different view-point,or by simply making you smile.

Today, Rfotofolio is pleased to share the work of Martine Roch.

Martine is a merit winner in Rfotofolio’s call for submissions, Inspire.

The Honest Man © Martine Roch
The Honest Man © Martine Roch

Would you please tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a French self-thought artist, living in France.  Photography has been my passion for many years and when I discovered Photoshop, a new world opened to me.  I love animals and my work is mainly composed of the animals like I dream them.

How did you get started in photography?

As a child my parents offered me a Kodak like camera when I was about 8.  Ever since I like photography . . .  Now I have a much better camera!

Which photographers and other artists’ work do you admire?

My favorite artist is Maggie Taylor.  I love her work since I saw the first image of hers, many years ago.  I had the chance to meet Maggie in Los Angeles, a few years ago as we had an exhibition together.  She was with Jerry Uelsmann.  Jerry is also one of my favorite artist ever. These people are famous, but I also admire the work of many photographers on flickr or 500px.  Lots of talented artists there!

Do you have a story about one of your images that you would like to share.

This one is a portrait of my dog Boudi.  She was the sweetest dog ever.  I made this portrait when she was about ten, the age of a “lady” in all the serenity of her beauty.  I love this portrait of her dressed like this. The strange thing is that she was often looking at it when it was displayed at home . . . Just like she knew she was in the picture.

The Faithful Lady © Martine Roch
The Faithful Lady © Martine Roch

Please tell us about your process and what is the perfect day for you.

The perfect day is when I am starting a new image.  I discover the personnage, and I create what goes with the expression on the face of the animal . . .  At each time it’s the same pleasure and always a different adventure.

If you could spend a day with another photographer living or passed who would it be? 

Maggie Taylor of course!

How do you view this time in the history of photography?

It’s a revolution in photography since digital cameras are everywhere.  Nowadays, anybody can be a photographer and I think that’s good.

How do you overcome a creative block? 

I’m not sure I understand fully the meaning of this question.  But if I do, I’d says that I feel free to create whatever I want.  But if I’m starting a new image and nothing interesting is coming, I’d rather stop and work on something else.  If the idea doesn’t come it’s because it’s not the right moment to make this particular image . . . But I never give up!

What do you hope the viewer takes from your images? 

I hope they’ll look at pets and animals in a different and more respectful way, as it should be.  Animals are not “things”, they have feelings, sensitivity and needs . . . just like us humans.  I like to see a smile on people’s faces when they look at the pictures.

Oliver the Baker © Martine Roch
Oliver the Baker © Martine Roch

How does your art affect the way you see the world?

I wouldn’t go so far . . .  My art is to make happy images, not changing the world, even if I’d like to change a lot of things, for a better world.

Where can we see your work, and would you like to share any upcoming projects?

You can see my work at Marine Roch Studio

You can purchase nice prints here : Martine Roch Artist.

You can follow my Facebook Fan’s page : Martine Roce FB Page.

Thank you Martine for sharing your work.

You have given us a smile. Merci beaucoup.

The Young Ladies © Martine Roch

      The Young Ladies © Martine Roch

To learn more about Maggie Taylor please visit her site at, Maggie Taylor.

To learn more about Jerry Uelsmann please visit his site at, Jerry Uelsmann. 

Thank you to the photographers that share their work with us.

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