Utopia 1 © Jennifer Schlesinger
Utopia 1 © Jennifer Schlesinger

Imagine Rfotofolio as a gallery where all the photographers who have shared their work and words have their own rooms.  This is one of the ways we think of Rfotofolio.  If you explore our interview page you will see the amazing photographers that are here.

Jennifer Schlesinger Hanson did an interview with us in June of 2013.  She has been kind enough to share with us the beginnings of her new series “Utopia”.  Thank you Jennifer. 

“In this series, I have constructed imaginary landscapes, with the intention to create a physical landscape of which does exist, if only in the paper-imaged form.  They are my response to the philosophical question of whether a perfect place can exist, bringing together life’s dualities into a perfect union of beauty.

The albumen process involves simple egg whites as the base on the paper for light-sensitive silver nitrate.  Albumen, as a medium, helps to convince the viewer that these landscapes do exist, as our societal association with the 19th Century albumen prints were deemed true renditions of the time and place in which they were taken. ”  Jennifer Schlesinger 


Utopia 5 © Jennifer Schlesinger
Utopia 5 © Jennifer Schlesinger
Utopia © Jennifer Schelsinger
Utopia © Jennifer Schelsinger

To learn more about Jennifer Schlesinger Hanson please visit her site at, Jennifer Schlesinger.

To read our interview with Jennifer please visit, The Art of Jennifer Schlesinger 

thank you800.





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