© Honey Lazar
© Honey Lazar


If you are lucky, you have an Aunt Ruth in your family.  Someone who loves to share a meal and share a story. Who loves those around her and is a kind strong soul.

If you are a thoughtful person you take the time to get to know them. To stop and listen. You share their recipes, their joys and sorrows.  If you are a photographer, hopefully you will chronicle their days.
Over the course of seven years, this is what Honey Lazar has done and the result is her book, Loving Aunt Ruth.

Her photographs capture the everyday day life of her Aunt Ruth.  With her images she has reminded us the importance of being with those we love, and that love us.  She shares the quiet wisdom and strength that can be found at our own doorstep.

By answering Honey’s questions, Aunt Ruth shares her thoughts on family and friends.  How to meet challenges and what she does to keep joy in her life.

Loving Aunt Ruth by Honey Lazar is a gift to enjoy and a gift to share.  A portion from the sale of every book goes to The Intergenerational School in Cleveland.

To purchase the book Loving Aunt Ruth please visit Amazon or Atlas Books .

To read our interview with Honey Lazar please visit. “Seen Through the Lens of Love, Photographer Honey Lazar”.

To learn more about Honey Lazar please visit her site. Honey Lazar




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