“What makes life remarkable are the random and serendipitous moments and encounters. It was a quiet surprise to stumble upon a collection of work that was reminiscent of many other photographers I’ve studied and admired, yet was unmistakably modern and memorable. I am drawn in by the depth and perfect stillness of Bell’s work, perceiving the art before the subject. This is the elegant work of a photographer and artist who is instinctively visual.”

Art Wolfe, Photographer and Conservationist

Quiet Contemplation

The last two decades has taken my photography to levels that I could have only dreamed of when I began this journey – one filled with photographic treks throughout North America, numerous juried exhibitions, workshops and awards. The idea of producing a book had been on my mind for several years. Being diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer in 2017 elevated that goal to the top of my list. After three years in production, that dream is now a reality. I thank those who contributed to the project and several colleagues who offered to write intros to each of the five portfolios. The combination of duotones and stochastic printing resulted in exquisite print quality.

Working in remote places allows me to disconnect from the world and capture photos that express a sense of solitude. The photographs presented in this monolog represent that world – a world that stirs my senses in untold ways. Hopefully they will stir an emotion of a place that you have visited or a place that you might want to explore. If nothing else, simply allow them to instill a sense of calm. They are my gift to you and to future generations.

Jan Bell

Self Published, Jan Bell, 2021
Hemlock Printers, Ltd., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Hardcover, linen cloth, with dust jacket
144 pages/111 photos
80# cover weight paper throughout, silk finish
Stochastic Printing (10 micron dot)
Size: 12″ x 12″
$75 + $10 shipping (continental U.S.)
$100 Signed (limited to 100 copies) + shipping

For now, orders can be placed by contacting Jan Bell:
by email: bellimages@mac.com


To learn more please visit Jan Bell‘s website by clciking on his name.



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