Memento Mori © Wendi Schneider

Wendi Schneider’s portfolio The Patina Collection was chosen as Work of Merit in the 2020 Rfotofolio Call.

The Patina Collection is an assemblage of gilded prints in the ‘States of Grace’ series paired with antique frames – the synthesis of 40 years of collecting turn-of-the-twentieth-century art and objects and creating images inspired by the sinuous elegance of organic forms.

The serpentine shapes are echoed in the subjects I photograph and the undulating curves of the Art Nouveau frames that house these works. I photograph intuitively – what I feel as much as what I see – and I strive to make the intangible tangible, preserving the visual poetry of these vanishing moments of beauty in our vulnerable environment.

My images are layered digitally to manipulate the boundaries between the real and imagined, often altered within the edition to honor the variation. Printed on kozo or vellum, white gold, moon gold or 24k gold leaf is applied on the verso, infusing the artist’s hand and suffusing the subjects with the spirituality of the precious metal. Each of these unique framed prints is a one-of-a-kind object of reverence.  Wendi Schneider

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To learn more about the work of Wendi Schneider please visit her page by clicking on her name.

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