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From 2013-2015 I did volunteer photography for pediatric hospice services, and in those challenging, life-changing moments, I discovered that photography is about taking and giving. This is another exploration of that idea, and hope, in the climate of 2020.

I was inspired to start printing postcards in my darkroom to raise funds for different non-profits, COVID-19 relief funds, and to support the USPS when I watched John Lewis, in a flag-draped casket, cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge one last time in late July.
The commentators mentioned we were 100 days from the election and the idea/action appeared. Each postcard says when it was mailed with the days left until the election, and is a symbol of connection in a time where everything is so distant from what it was once. This is in itself a wonderful thing, but also two-thirds of each sale goes to something important that is worth supporting and standing behind, as we understand this new world. If you purchase a postcard print you can:
1. Have it sent to you with a message typed on the back by the artist
2. Send it to someone you select with your own personal message typed by the artist
3. Have a blank postcard print sent to you in an envelope

This is also an anti-loneliness project for anyone wanting to support a cause and receive art in the mail (or to send art to someone special we can’t see in person right now). I have a friend who works for Zoom in Europe and he sent mail to his 96 year old Grandmother in California.

Bardsdale © Cody Edison

This will be an on-going project through next year. It will help support important causes like the United Farm Workers Union, and The Black Hills Legal Defense Fund.

Series collaborators include Christine Wood, Eve-Lauryn LaFountain, Jonathan Takahashi and Heather O’Brien (forthcoming). This project is produced in collaboration with my partner Christine Wood.

Your support would be appreciated.

Cody Edison


To learn more and support this project please visit Postcards for John.

Gera © Cody Edison

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