2018 was an event filled and rewarding year for Rfotofolio. Today we would like to share some of the highlights with you.

In 2018 we had the honor of sharing the work and interviews of twenty-eight photographers from across the US and around the world. We shared the work spaces of Bob Cornelis and Brian Kosoff.

We featured the A.Smith Gallery and Salon Jane continuing our series on photographic communities.

Denis Roussel Award

In March, we announced the establishment of the Denis Roussel Award.  We wanted in some small way to help continue his legacy.

Self-portrait © Denis Roussel

We where honored to have Jill Enfield as our first juror for the Denis Roussel award.  Jill spent long hours reviewing submissions and remarked about how impressed she was with the quality of the work she reviewed. Thank you Jill.

Luther Gerlach was the first recipient of the Denis Roussel Award.
Photographers of Merit where Curran Broderick, Susan Bryant, Karen Hymer, and  Diana Bloomfield.

Finestra 5 © Luther Gerlach

A Special thank you goes to the following people. Rachel Wilson-Roussel for your encouragement and support.

Josephine Sacabo for your support and for funding this years Denis Roussel Award.
Carol Boss and Hahnemühlepaper.
Jill Enfield for agreeing to be juror and donating a copy of  Jill Enfield’s Guide to Photographic Alternative Processes.
Mark Nelson and Precision Digital Negative.
Bostick & Sullivan for giving a two hundred-dollar gift certificate.
Josephine Sacabo and Luna Press

Thank you to all the photographers that applied in this inaugural year of the Denis Roussel  Award.

Depth of Field  2018

In April, Depth of Field was hosted by the Center of Photographic Art in Carmel, in Carmel.

The weekend started with Twenty Tables. An event where photographers brought their work to share with their peers. This was a first for us and for many of the photographers in attendance. There was no pressure to sell your work just a chance to share, exchange ideas, and to get to know one another.

All twenty-two tables were full of inspiring art. It was wonderful to see so many smiling faces.

© Jack Wasserbach

Later that Saturday, we had a wonderful opening. Everyone at the CPA was so welcoming and enthusiastic.

On Sunday Willie Osterman had his very well received workshop, The Therapeutic Camera.

Willie’s Stellar Class © Brian Taylor
The Therapeutic Camera Workshop © Jerry Rosenthal

We finshed our weekend by gathering at the beach for An Act of Beauty.

Artist Melanie Walker made beautiful cyanotype kites for us to fly.  And though it was too windy for us to fly the kites we gathered and remembered our friends Denis Roussel and Judy Sherrod.
Standing on the beach, we all realized what an amazing weekend it had been.

© Brian Taylor

2018 Rfotofolio Call

This year the Rfotofolio Call was opened on August 25th. We where honored to have Collier Brown, Fran Forman,and Aline Smithson as our guest jurors.

We asked each juror to selected their three top portfolios, and top three selections in dimensional work. This was no easy task.  All the jurors commented about the difficulty in making selections because of the high quality of work submitted.  Be it color or black and white, street photography or abstract, you inspired us with the amazing work that you created.

To view this years selections please visit the 2018 Rfotofolio Selections. 

Rfotofolio Grants

Because of the support of our readers,  since 2015 Rfotofolio has been able to fulfill  an important part of our mission by awarding  The Rfotofolio Grant. This year the 2018 Rfotofolio Grant was awarded to photographer William Giles.

Will Giles © Chuck Davis

In 2018, Rfotofolio awarded five A Way to Help grants thanks to our sponsors and supporters. To learn more about our grants please visit our Grants and Awards page.

Thank you to our supporters and sponsors.  Without you much of this would not have been possible.

Please visit Our Supporters to learn more.

To learn more about our sponsors please visit our Sponsors page.

Here is to a creative and inspiring 2019.

Images in banner by Chuck Davis, Jack Wasserbach, Jerry Rosenthal, Joanne Teasdale,
Denis Roussel.







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