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Rfotofolio is pleased to share our conversation with Josephine Sacabo.

What was the catalyst  for Tagged? 

 Tagged is my response to the visual assault I saw everyday while walking from my home to my studio.  So much hate directed towards women that goes unnoticed by others. But those words have an effect, words do matter. Why are women the targets of so much rampant misogyny? 

I want the work to make people more aware of what is being said . . . to start a conversation.  And also say those words do not define me.

And what comes next. How do we deal with so much hate and anger in the world?

I have been inspired  to create work that is filled with love, beauty, and light. Photography can make a difference. It can make people fall in love and want to know the people they are seeing in the images. If we meet hate with hate we will all be swallowed up. It is a sure way to destruction.

I don’t have answers for anyone else. This is just how it is for me.

Josephine, why do you feel it is important to publish your work in book form? 

Well, books and litature are who I am . . . the inspiration for most of my work. A show goes up and the next thing you know it is closing.  A limited amount of people can experience  the work and for only a short period. But with a book you can open it anytime  and between the covers is the artist’s world that you can revisit anytime you like. It is always there for you to explore.

As always, thank you Josephine for sharing your very special work with us.

To learn more about Josephine Sacabo please visit her page at Josephine Sacabo. 

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