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Today we feature a new book from photographer Arthur Meyerson. The Journey is a beautiful book representing many years and many miles traveled by one photographer.

What was the inspiration for your newest book?

In 2012, I published my first book, The Color of Light, which was an opportunity to bring together 40 years of personal work that I had created since becoming a professional photographer. With the success of that book (it has since sold out), I wanted to take a deeper look at my photographic career including my commercial assignments, personal projects and teaching. By looking back, it not only allowed me to see where I had been but where I was going.
This was further explored in a thought-provoking interview/conversation that I had with Anne Wilkes Tucker (former curator emerita of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston) which is also included in the book, along with back stories and anecdotes about the photographs and my photographic life.

© Arthur Meyerson

As a photographer who also is an educator what do you hope students of photography take from The Journey.

I would hope that anyone interested in photography, would appreciate knowing the process of how a photographic career evolved as well as the thinking that goes into the making of photographs.

© Arthur Meyerson

What is on the horizon ?

It’s early on, but I am thinking about a third book that would complete this trilogy of books. And with a bit of luck that will happen in the next couple of years.

Thank you for sharing The Journey it with us.

To learn more please click on The Journey. 
To learn more about Arthur Meyerson please visit his page at Arthur Meyerson.

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  1. Thank you for the feature on my book!

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