Temptation © 2017 Josephine Sacabo

I began working on the images one day out of anguish and ended up rescued by a depth of meaning I never really meant to touch. The resulting images are 21 x 26 inch hand-colored photogravures combining the graffiti of New Orleans with religious imagery from San Miguel in Mexico – the dueling iconographies of the two places I call home.
I have no final judgement to make on the subjects. Each expression is presented with its consolations and its cruelties. They are what they are and hopefully the viewer finds something in them that speaks to what they themselves may have experienced, needed, or felt.    – Josephine Sacabo

The Pilgrims © 2017 Josephine Sacabo
San Miguel © 2017 Josephine Sacabo


Thank you Josephine for sharing your work with us.

To learn more about  Josephine Sacabo please visit her page at Josephine Sacabo.


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