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Would you please tell us a little about yourself?

As a child my world was filled with simple pleasures and long walks on a dairy farm in Kansas. My youth was often spent alone, yet very fulfilled with memories of grass, wind, sounds of thunder and animals. It set the stage for wonder and the fantasy of distant places which took me on many journeys later in life.

Where did you get your photographic training?

I moved to Japan in 1986 to further my studies in acupuncture but quickly became sidetracked by another world. Shortly after I picked up a camera and started taking pictures. I was very fortunate to meet so many great photographers early on that taught me a great deal about the basics and more. I was also very fortunate to have lived in Tokyo for fifteen years and be so influenced by Japanese art, fashion, aesthetics and culture. Japan and its traditions were my greatest teachers.

Did you have a mentor?

Not one in particular. I had many influences there, such as Shinzo Maeda, and Eiko Hosoe but it was their closeness to nature and minimalist approach that drew me in. That silent reverence which has bore witness to events, light and darkness for thousands of years is still very alive in their culture.

Which photographers and other artists work do you admire?

Eugene Smith, Herb Ritts, Tom Baril, Nick Brandt and Irving Penn to name a few. I also love the work of Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto.

Please tell us about an image (not your own) that has stayed with you over time.

Eugene Smith’s image Tomoko Uemura in Her Bath is still one of the most powerful images I`ve ever seen. It left me speechless and I`ve seen it as a 30×40″ print.

Tomoko Uemura in Her Bath (1971) by W. Eugene Smith.

What image of yours would you say taught you an important lesson?

“Layers of Silence”.  Sometimes the world just asks you to be quiet and listen even when its -22F and your knees are shaking.

What makes a good day for you creatively speaking.?

First, a few cups of organic green tea (special blend) with a dark chocolate biscotti.  An inspirational book that reaches you deep inside.  I take time to sit quietly with my essence and follow my inspiration. I may not actually do anything, in fact I may just go for a walk but creativity will plant its seed.  I repeat as often as needed!!!!

If you could spend a day with any other photographer or artist  living or passed who would it be?

Leonardo Da Vinci.  I don`t know if I would even ask a single question or perhaps  maybe I`d ask a million but what a day it would be!

What equipment or processes have you found essential in the making of your work?

Great optics, one of kind handmade papers, darkroom magic AND of up most importance (and much more important than equipment) some of the best printers and framers in the business.
Since 2002 I have worked with Hidden Light LLC in Flagstaff AZ on the majority of my silver gelatin and platinum palladium printing. We have created (together) hundreds of handcrafted images. Matt Beaty is the platinum palladium printer and Taylor Mahoney takes care of the silver gelatins. I truly believe Hidden Light is the definitive traditional printing lab in the US.
Those that know me know I have no secrets and am a strong believer that photographers are only as good as the professionals they surround themselves with. This being the case if you`re interested in these processes and don`t have the time, space or skills to print your own work this is the place to go.

David John Lotto

Whats hangs on your walls?

This print by David John Lotto

Whats on the horizon ?

I know myself too well to truthfully be able to give an accurate, detailed answer. May is such a beautiful time to be here in the Tetons so that`s a strong possibility. I`ve been working with Stan Klimek on some gum over platinum palladium prints so those will be taking up some time in addition Matt Beatty and Taylor Mahoney will be doing a some silver gelatin as well as one of kind palladium prints. There`s a few sumi-e brushes fresh in from Japan so I know we are going to have fun in Flagstaff.

Thank you David for sharing your work with us.

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  1. Hey — just want to say how much I appreciate your site and posts. Always look forward to them and have discovered many great photographers who I might never have known about otherwise. Please keep doing what you do!

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