Four years ago Rfotofolio published our first Interview.  Since then we have had the pleasure of interviewing over hundred and fifty photographers. We have met photographers from all around the world. The diversity of work we have seen is inspiring.

Their stories are all different, the reasons for their work are all different, the way they go about their work is different. But one thing remains the same, the need to create. Today we would like to share our thanks with all the photographers that have made this possible.

We would also like to thank the families of photographers that are no longer with us. You have allowed us to share their work and their stories.  You have been more than generous with your time and knowledge.

We hope to share more in the future.

Thank you to all the photographers that have shared their own stories.
Please visit The Photographers page for the list. It is too large to share here.

Thank you to Chuck Davis, Randy Efros, Michael Jackson,  Lori Vrba, Aline Smithson, Jim Sincock, Grace Weston, Liese Ricketts, Peter Miller, Peter Lipke and K.K. DePaul for sharing their work spaces, and to Barbara Bullock- Wilson for sharing Edna’s workspace. You can read these stories by clicking on Where We Work .

Thank you to Fran Forman, Liese Ricketts and Susan Spritus for being contributing writers for Rfotofolio in our section Notes from the Field. 

In the last year Rfotofolio has had our first major exhibition, showing the work of 76 photographers with 106 pieces of their work in the 2015 Depth of Field exhibition at Art Intersection. Thank you to Alan Fitzgerald and the staff at Art Intersection. Our slide show is on our front page. Rfotofolio  We also published our first book Depth of Field, 2015.

We will be sharing more news about upcoming exhibitions in 2017.

Depth of Field 2015
Aline Smithson, Tami Bone, Fred Lyon, Fran Lyon, Tim Hyde, Sylvia De Swaan, Julie Meridian, Francisco Diaz, Jennifer Schlesinger, DOF 2015

In the last year we gave our 2015 grant to Rachael Short. The 2016 Grant was given as an anonymous grant. We could give many more grants if the funds allowed, the need is there. That is why we have started the Help Grow the Grant Print sale.

© Rachael Short
© Rachael Short

Thank you to our sponsors and supporters. Here is to the year ahead.

Art Can Make a Difference

Rfotofolio © C.R. and J.R.
Rfotofolio © C.R. and J.R.


18 thoughts on “An Anniversary

  1. Happy anniversary, Rfotofolio! Appreciate all you do! I’d like to know more about you two – I actually know very little, you seemed to magically appear out of Photography Heaven! Who are you, how did you start Rfotofolio, where did you two meet, where have you lived, how did photography enter your lives, etc., etc.

  2. Thank you Rfotofolio for all the wonderful, diverse, inspirational work that you have presented to educate, inform, inspire and entertain us. I haven’t been one of your photographers…yet, but it encourages me work harder and create more in hope that one day I might be. Happy anniversary!

  3. What an important and joyful enterprise you launched 4 years ago! Your support for both photographic artists and the world of image-making is such a positive force and is enormously appreciated. Happy Anniversary with heartfelt congratulations, Barbara

  4. Congratulations, Connie and Jerry! Thanks so very much for all you have done and continue to do for our fine art photography community and for making this world a better place in your own special way!
    Gratefully and with warm best wishes,

  5. Dear Connie and Jerry,
    I am so grateful to you both for all of your support, encouragement, and sincere involvement in our lives. No one says “beauty” like you do.
    Congratulations and may you have 10 times more anniversaries!

  6. Happy Fourth Anniversary Connie and Jerry! I feel truly blessed to have met you. Your kindness, generosity, and deep love for the photographic arts is like a beacon of hope and joy! Long may you shine!

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