Flower Undone ©C.Rosenthal and J.Rosenthal
Flower Undone ©C.Rosenthal and J.Rosenthal

Second in a series of six from Memoirs by Connie and Jerry Rosenthal.

Title: Flower Undone, Memoirs #2

Size: 6 x 6 print on 8.5 x 11

Media: Archival pigment print with cold wax on Hahnemühle William Turner.

Edition of 10

Price 100.00 plus shipping.

In the effort to help “grow the grant” and to answer a request we have had to bring back the print sale, we are offering prints from our Memoirs series.

Over the course of 2016 we will be offering six images from the portfolio Memoirs. If you purchase all six prints over the course of the coming year, we will send you a handmade clamshell box and cover sheet to complete this set.

One hundred percent of the purchase price after Paypal fees will be used to “grow the grant”.


We would like to thankHahnemühle for their donation and their support of Rfotofolio.


To see our other print in the series please visit Prints.

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  1. Incredible subject matter. Nature along with your touch offers unique beauty that just make my eyes happy.

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