The 2016 INPrint Photographers

INPrint was our call for entries that put the focus on the final product of the photographers vision, the photographic print or object, not the jpeg on the screen.
A photograph may start with an idea, a click of the shutter, but the art of the photographer cannot be fully appreciated until it is in our physical presence.

This call was a learning experience for us and for many of the participants. Our feeling that nothing compares to seeing the photographic print in person proved to be true. Some images that caught our attention when seeing them on the web, fell flat when viewing them in person, while some that may have been overlooked on a computer were stunning to view in person.  This call caused many photographers to work outside of their usual workflow. Thinking about different ways of presentation and printing smaller became a creative exercise for some.

Thank you to all the photographers that participated. We know the time, cost and effort that goes into submitting your work.

Thank you to Catherine Couturier of the Catherine Couturier Gallery for being our guest juror. Thank you to our sponsors  Adore Noir, Artisan Craftsman Books, Hahnemühle , andLuna Press for your support.

behind the curtain

We look forward to sharing the work of these photographers in the months ahead.

Juror’s Choice

 1st Bob Cornelis
2nd Keith Taylor
3rd C.J. Thompson*

Works of Merit

(In alphabetical order )
Andrew S. Bale
Mariana Bartolomeo
Samantha Vandeman

Honorable Mention

Lee Bass
Laura Burlton
Melanie Walker
Kent Wisner

Rfotofolio’s Choice Awards

(In alphabetical order )
Diana Bloomfield
Karen Hymer
Kimberly Schneider
Norm Snyder

Works of Merit

Daniel Kuczynski
Denis Roussel
Mary Aiu
Liese Ricketts
Paul Sisson

*C. J.Thompson is the Artisan Craftsman Book award winner.

Thank you to J.Rosenthal for photographing the entries.



14 thoughts on “The INPrint 2016 Photographers

  1. Thank you for your work into this project. It is great to see all these precious “little” images, especially in a time when the huge print seems to be what’s in vogue… perhaps that is changing.

  2. Thank you, RfotoFolio for your tremendous continued support for all of us!!

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