By Danica Kus
By Danica Kus
By Danica Kus
By Danica Kus

Architecture is the art form that always surrounds us, and influences our everyday lives.  It can frustrate or inspire.  It can be mediocre or leave us breathless.

The photography of Danica Kus captures the inspiration that can be architecture.  Her photography is its own art form and we are happy to share her work with you.

By Danica Kus
By Danica Kus
By Danica Kus
By Danica Kus

Would you please tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a fine art and architectural photographer born in Slovenia, currently living in Brussels, Belgium.

How did you get started in photography?

In 1999, my husband and I moved to Brussels.  I wanted to learn more about photography since I was working in an advertising agency in Slovenia.

In Brussels I enrolled in RhoK Academy and later in Ecole des Arts d’Ixelles for photography.  Especially I was excited to working in the darkroom when the image came out of the chemicals.  That was a magic moment for me and from that time on I have been very devoted to photography.

Photography became my way of expression and my profession.

What made you chose architectural photography?

In 2006, I got a chance to work for a Slovenian architectural magazine.  My friend and architect Tanja Barle inspire me to enter the world of architecture.  For that magazine we worked together.  We were looking for an interesting contemporary house, she wrote the text and I photographed the house and then we got published.  It was a special feeling when my photographs appeared in such a nice color magazine.  For me it was a great source of new energy for my future work.

How do you divide your personal work from your work for clients?  Or do you find they both influence the other?

They both influence the other.

I photograph the buildings with the same passion when the work is either for a client or my personal work.  Each building is a unique experience for me.  I try to explore the symbolic meaning of constructed forms and create an imaginary space….

My inspiration comes from structures, material, light, darkness, rhythm…sometimes I am more concentrated on the created atmosphere of the space rather than the realistic architectural object.  My architectural photography is documentary, marked with poetic vision of the space.


Which photographers work do you admire?

I have been inspired by great photographers like Julia Margaret Cameron, František Drtikol, Josef Sudek, Andre Kertesz, Edward Steichen, Alfred Stieglitz, Masao Yamamoto… and many contemporary photographers.

And what about their work inspires you?

I am inspired by their originality, new vision, soft light, pictorialist style, composition, poetry, timelessness…. Their work always catches my eye.

By Danica Kus
By Danica Kus
By Danica Kus
By Danica Kus

Would you share the process you go on when you are first given an assignment?

My first assignment was for the Slovenian architectural magazine I mentioned before.

I had to photograph an interesting modernist house in Brussels, “ La Maison de Verre”.

I remember that I was pretty excited, enthusiastic and naïve.  I didn’t even have proper photo equipment for architectural photography.  Somehow I made photos, good enough for publishing.

Would you tell us about your workspace?

I work digitally, so my workspace is behind the computer.  I used to have a darkroom; unfortunately I don’t have it anymore.

How does your art affect the way you see the world?

Through my art I see the world is more emotional and fragile.  With my affection for buildings, forms and environment, I wish to evoke re-thinking or an opportunity for change.

Is there another type of photography or subject matter you would like tackle?

Mostly I photograph contemporary architecture, but one of my dreams is to photograph the Ethiopian’s underground churches, built about 10 centuries ago.  In Lalibela (named after King Lalibela) exist 11 churches that were carved from volcanic rock, each in a unique style.  I hope I could tackle this project and make a publication about it.

By Danica Kus
By Danica Kus
By Danica Kus
By Danica Kus


Thank you Danica for sharing your work and your words.

To learn more about the work of Danica Kus please visit her site at, Danica Kus.

thank you800.

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