Innocence © Jagdev Singh
Innocence © Jagdev Singh

Across our world photography tells the story.  It helps people connect and learn.

Rfotofolio is pleased to share the work of photographer Jagdev Singh.

Would you please tell us a little about yourself?

I am a street photographer living in New Delhi, India. To me photography is a medium of creative expression. I love to capture the moments and moods from people’s daily life and especially concentrate on street and travel photography. My work untangles the complex appearance of life, revealing a fine sense for a moment to pause.

How did you get started photography?

I got the opportunity to attend a photography workshop held by FIPA (Forum of Indian Photographarts and Artists) in 2008 where I met few eminent photographers like Ashwani Tyagi and Nagender Chhikara as mentors.  There on I got my first DSLR Canon 450D and started learning, exploring and expressing through photographs.

Which photographers and other artist work do admire?

I greatly admire the work of Steve McCurry and Victoria Knobloch.

And what about their work inspires you?

Their connection and capture of the moment are simply awesome.

When did you start to develop a personal style?

After I threw myself on the streets, connecting with life and people through the lens.


People © Jagdev Singh
People © Jagdev Singh
Valour © Jagdev Singh
Valour © Jagdev Singh


Please tell us about your process and what the perfect day of photography is for you.

Process is just simple; i.e. a thought to start, the camera to connect and the mind to capture!  Well, a perfect day of photography for me is when my mind is ‘child fresh’ with no pre-defined knowledge and information about the subject. Witnessing life in its most immaculate form from sunrise to sunset.

What challenges do you face as a photographer?

Working on personal projects involves a lot of your efforts and finances.  Making great photos just for the love of it needs a great deal of devotion towards your passion.

With the rapid changes in how people make and view a photograph how do you view this time in the history of photography?

The present time is witnessing a plethora and bombardment of the pictures being produced.  I feel the present time is that of too many impressions and inputs beyond the comprehension of a human mind.  Like one needs a balanced diet to live healthy, we need a balanced flow of images.

How do you over come a creative block?

I spend more time on the subject to overcome a creative block.  Quite often the great shots come after I think the day is over!

How does your art affect the way you see the world?

I feel more connected to life, people, and the world!

Is there another type of photography or subject matter you would like tackle?

People are always my favorite!

Where can we see your work, and would you like to share any upcoming projects?

My work can be seen on my website Jagdev Singh Photography and on Photocircle.

I would like to share a project  Ganges and Nirvana which captures the sheer magic of faith.  Another upcoming project is a larger body of work with Victoria Knobloch named ‘Faith’.

Thank you Jagdev for sharing your work and words.
To see work from Victoria Knobloch please visit her site at, Victoria Knobloch .


Street © Jagdev Singh
Street © Jagdev Singh
World Peace © Jagdev Singh
World Peace © Jagdev Singh


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