Rachael Elizabeth Short
Rachael Elizabeth Short

 It is a pleasure to feature the work and words of Rachael  Short.

What first brought you to photography?

When I was twelve years old my father let me borrow his Canon AE-1 manual SLR, and I have been hooked ever since.

Would you tell us about the Gallery EXPOSED?

Gallery EXPOSED is located on San Carlos St in between Ocean Ave and Seventh Ave in Carmel, California.  We just celebrated our third anniversary in September.  We mostly show contemporary black-and-white photography.  EXPOSED is open Fridays and Saturdays from 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM or by appointment.  Currently my business partner, Evynn LeValley, and I are showing our own work.

Who inspires your work?

Everyone inspires my work.  I learn from the people I meet and become inspired by them.  All creative people from professional artists to amateur iPhone photographers inspire me to look at the world differently.  Also, a little app called “Instagram” inspires me to take and share photos I take with my iPhone.

by Racheal Short
by Rachael Short
Rachael Elizabeth Short
Rachael Elizabeth Short

Which photographers and other artists work do you admire?

I admire the photographers who are out in the world using their talent to make a difference, capturing or creating images to show us what is happening on our planet.  I am always in awe when I see the images in National Geographic magazine.  I appreciate these photographers, admire them and thank them for their amazing work.

What makes a great photograph in your view?

Composition, light and mood.  When I look at an image I want to feel something instantly.  To me, this makes a great photograph, feeling a connection to the image.

Please tell us about your iPhone photography?

After my car accident 2.5 years ago that left me a quadriplegic, the iPhone was the way for me to get back into photography.   I can use it on my own.  I never had an iPhone before the accident so this was a whole new world to me and I was pleasantly surprised by the camera quality.  For the past year, I have been photographing with the iPhone daily, capturing anything and everything I can.  Mostly inspired by nature, people, and places.

Would you tell us about your workspace?

My workspace now is much different than it was 2.5 years ago.  I used to love being in the darkroom and creating prints.  Now I have an iPhone and I have a printer; that is my workspace.  My friend Kim Weston recently suggested creating platinum prints of my iPhone images, and a new path to my photography was sparked.  Of course it is not the same; I can’t feel the paper but I can see the image appear.  With his help we created 7 platinum prints.  This allowed me to see the iPhone in a different light.  I am hoping to set up a platinum printing workspace soon.

How does your art effect the way you see the world?

I’m always looking for a good photograph, I look for the light and the shadows.  I always see the world as a photograph.

How important is it to your art form to have “creative community”? 

It’s very important.  I need my fellow photographers to inspire and push me to become better.  It is important to have people to go to for advice, too.


If you would like to see and learn more about Rachael’s work please visit her site, at Rachael Short.  

Also at the Exposed Gallery.

Thank you Rachael for sharing your time and your work.

Racheal Short
Rachael Short

thank you800.

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