Here is the first in a new series featuring those that support fine art photography.  We  had the pleasure to interview Chris Kovacs of Adore Noir Magazine.  Their latest issue is the “Portfolio Contest Winners” issue.


Adore Noir

How did Adore Noir come about ?

My wife and I had just purchased new iPads and she was wondering what magazines were available to read on it.  She was searching for a lifestyle magazine but couldn’t find anything she liked, she then had an idea to create her own magazine.  It was that moment that I realized that a black and white fine art photography magazine would be cool.  It took about three months to prepare the first issue.  I owe credit to my wife for planting the seed.

How do you find the photographers you feature ?

There are a few ways.  We receive a lot of email submissions each week, unfortunately I don’t have time to get to all of them, but every now and then I will come across something really good and I will contact the photographer.  Another way is by just browsing the web and Facebook, there are a lot of really talented artists with great websites that I stumble onto.  Finally there is our portfolio contest, which is the best way for photographers works to be seen.  We review every portfolio that is submitted very carefully, six finalists are selected by our team and a world-renowned gallerist, this year was Susan Spiritus, she also selected the cover of the portfolio issue.

Can you tell us about the portfolio issue?

The portfolio issue is the result of an annual competition in which six finalists are selected to be in the October issue of AN.  There are also 15 photographers who are honored with the “Adoration of Excellence” award for outstanding achievement.  All winners are announced on

What are the challenges putting together a E-magizine?

Timing is a big one, juggling six features every two months can be difficult sometimes.  Everyone has their own schedules and sometimes things come down to the wire.  Another big one is making sure our website runs smoothly when it comes to our readers downloading issues without any problems, which we are proud to say is very rare.

 What do you feel makes a great photograph?

Great composition, great lighting and great tones.  Originality is also good.

Could you share a few examples?

The list would go on forever, but the works of Michael Kenna, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Jerry Uelsmann would be a good start.

What and or who inspires you as a magazine editor and a photographer?

I am inspired by many things, great images by other photographers is a big one when it comes to inspiration for the magazine.   For my personal work, terrible cloudy rainy weather inspires me the most.

What are your goals for your own photography?  Any upcoming projects you would like to share?

I haven’t had a chance in a while to produce any of my own work because of the magazine.  But for a future goal I would have to say completing my series “Rovinj” would be at the top of the list.

Why did you chose photography as your art form and vocation?

I come from a very artistic family, I was always surrounded by music and photography  books.  I would have to say that I never chose it…it chose me.

Thank you Chris for your time , and Adore Noir.

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