If you have access to a computer there are many workshops, artist talks, and virtual shows to be found. We are starting a list here to act as a resource. If you are giving a virtual workshop please tell us about it in the comments. This list is a work in progress.

Belle Isle Scott Fountain © Bill Schwab

North Light Photographic Workshops with Bill Schwab has a series of You Tube Instructional Videos.

Jill Enfield 

Angie McMonigal at Photography Unfolded

Mark Nelson online classes on Platinum Palladium Printing, Photopolymer Gravure, and Digital Negatives with these processes and other processes. Inquire at ender100@aol.com.

Keron Psillas

Tariq Dajani

George Nobechi

David J. Gubernick

Silvi Glattauer

Lauren Corley Burton at HCP

Center for Photographic Art 

Griffin Museum of Photography


Maine Media Workshops with Kat Kiernan

Filter Photo Festival Workshops

Jacques © Jill EnField


Banner image © Jerry  Rosenthal

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