There is a difference between a selfie and a self-portrait.

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© Denis Roussel
Within a Memory © Kathryn Mayo Winter


Imogen Cunningham 1906 © Imogen Cunningham Trust


© Kym Ghee


Beauty Parlor Window © Harold Feinstein
Self Portrait as a City Street at Night © Sean Duggan
Paul’s Haircut © Paul Matzner

Thank you to the photographers that share their work with us.
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Debra Achen

Hans Bloemhof

Mel Brackstone

Edna Bullock

Wynn Bullock

Lynda Fay Braun

Susan Bryant

Matt Connors

Imogen Cunningham


Robin Dintman

Dixie Dixon

Seán Duggan

Harold Feinstein

Morgan Fisher

Eduardo Fujii

Kym Ghee

Nicola Hackle-Haslinger

Maureen Haldeman 

Law Hamilton

Karen Hymer

Sandra Klein

Karen Klinedinst

Stan Klimek

Jim Marx

Paul Matzner

Eric McCollum

David Noah

Willie Osterman

Kate Zari Roberts

Robin Robinson

Jerry Rosenthal

Denis Roussel

Rachael Short

Norm Snyder

Eric Spangler

Liz Vaughn

Kathryn Mayo Winter



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