Rfotofolio was founded in 2012 by Connie and Jerry Rosenthal as a way to build a photographic community,  to give photographers access to a larger audience, and to educate the viewing public about the diversity found in photography through our sites, exhibitions, interviews, and articles.

In 2014 Rfotofolio became a non-profit, 501( c )(3) organization and in 2015 established the Rfotofolio Grant.

To learn more about our grants please visit the Grants and Awards page.

Rfotofolio supports the work of photographers by awarding the Rfotofolio grant once a year to a photographer working to continue their photographic endeavors.

Our Mission

  • To build a photographic community.
  • To provide a positive forum.
  • To give photographers access to a larger audience.
  • To curate, and promote brick and mortar exhibitions.
  • To provide an educational and inspirational community for photographers and collectors through our meetings and forums.
  • To nurture the art of the printed photograph.
  • To establish forums to promote the craft of photography.
  • To sustain, maintain and grow the exposure of the photography through our websites, exhibits, and publications.
  • To award the Rfotofolio Grant.
  • To award the Denis Roussel Award.

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