Wynn Bullock

Wynn Bullock Revelations    

High Museum of Art with Brett Abbott
With contributions by Barbara Bullock-Wilson and Maria L. Kelly                                      Hardcover 11 x 11 | 208 pp. | 133 duotones, 12 color photos

ISBN: 978-0-292-75777-6

Viewing just a sample of the wonderful images in this book will take you from the abstract to beautiful compositions, and the lyrical use of shadow and light.

From the abstract “Glass and Light’, “Solarization Portrait”, “Color Light Abstractions”, and “Nude Photogram” to the beautiful portraits of “Barbara Through Window”, “Girl in Car”, “Portrait of Edna Cannery Row” you can see the extraordinary range of talent of this remarkable photographer.

“Boy Fishing” plays with geometry while “Under Monterey Wharf” shows you how much light there is in black. “Worn Floor” and “Lynne, Point Lobos” are haunting. Each image makes you pause.

This is a profoundly beautiful collection of work. Though nothing compares to seeing the print in front of you, this book is the next best thing and allows you to have this unprecedented collection in your home. You can see that all involved in the making of this book.

From Barbara Bullock-Wilson

“Thanks for sharing this with your readers! The book is a landmark publication. The collaboration between UT Press and the High Museum of Art was a very special one and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.”

Revelations is the perfect title.

If you have not added this to your collection or the collection of a serious student of photography in your life, you should. You wont be disappointed.

To purchase a copy signed by Barbara Bullock-Wilson the daughter of Wynn and contributor to the book please visit Wynn Bullock Photography.


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