Jill Enfield’s new book, Guide to Photographic Alternative Processes is like a cookbook for photographers.

Her book has been thoughtfully laid out. From its size to the color of the pages, you see the care that went into the making of this book. She gives us history, formulas , troubleshooting techniques, practical advice in a logical layout. This book will be helpful to photographers wanting to try a new process, and teachers and students alike.

Working through the chapter, “The Digital Negative Process” on a Sunday afternoon, I found the instructions easy to follow and was pleased with the results. Jill does not over complicate her instructions and I did not feel as if I had to be a Photoshop expert to come away with a good digital negative.

In its thirteen chapters the book explores the following topics,

Safety and Chemicals

A Guide to Materials and Techniques

The Digital Negative Process

Fugitive and Not-So-Fugitive Printing


Salt and Albumen Prints

Van Dyke Brown, Kallitype, and Argyrotype Prints

Platinum and Palladium Prints

Wet Plate Collodion

Liquid Emulsion Prints

Gum Printing

Transfers, Multiple Printing and Other Techniques

Ceramics and Photography

The book features many beautiful examples of work not only from Jill, but from many artist such as, Binah Danh, Dan Burkholder, France Scully Osterman, Kaden Kratzer, Kate Missett, Jean Miele, Martha Cassnave, Mark Osterman, Peter Liepke and many others.

Her sources and website list is very thorough and helpful. I was able to find certain supplies that I had failed to locate while doing my own research.

This book will inspire anyone who loves photography and will have you wanting to try your hand at creating something “new”.

The book is now available in stores and on FocalPress.com, Amazon.com and BH.com.

To learn more about Jill Enfield please visit her site.Jill Enfield

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