About the Denis Roussel Award

2018 marked the introduction of The Denis Roussel Award on Rfotofolio.

We first met Denis in 2013 when he entered our call What is Beauty? He worked on projects where even the compost bin was his muse, showing us that there is beauty everywhere.

If you where lucky enough to have a conversation with Denis, or to be a student of his, you knew how much Denis loved photography.

Denis was a photographer and educator. He loved sharing the beauty of the outdoors with his family and friends, and in his photography he shared that beauty with us. In 2017, Denis lost his battle with cancer. All of us lost the pleasure of seeing new work from this creative and resourceful artist.

We wanted in some small way help continue his legacy, and so the Denis Roussel Award was established. The Denis Roussel Award is open to all photographers whose work is based on the historical/alternative photographic processes, including silver gelatin.

If you would like to make a donation to the Denis Roussel Award please us our paypal button below.

We accept applications starting on March 5th.

Thank you Josephine Sacabo for your support and for funding of the Denis Roussel Award.

Thank you to the following individuals and businesses.
Carol Boss and Hahnemühle paper.
Christopher James 
Mark Nelson and Precision Digital Negative.
Bostick & Sullivan for a two hundred-dollar gift certificate.
Josephine Sacabo and Luna Press.

Image in banner by Denis Roussel.