Depth of Field  2018

In April, Depth of Field was hosted by the Center of Photographic Art in Carmel, in Carmel.

The weekend started with Twenty Tables. An event where photographers brought their work to share with their peers. This was a first for us and for many of the photographers in attendance. There was no pressure to sell your work just a chance to share, exchange ideas, and to get to know one another.

All twenty-two tables were full of inspiring art. It was wonderful to see so many smiling faces.

© Jack Wasserbach

Later that Saturday, we had a wonderful opening. Everyone at the CPA was so welcoming and enthusiastic.

On Sunday Willie Osterman had his very well received workshop, The Therapeutic Camera.

Willie’s Stellar Class © Brian Taylor
The Therapeutic Camera Workshop © Jerry Rosenthal

We finshed our weekend by gathering at the beach for An Act of Beauty.

Artist Melanie Walker made beautiful cyanotype kites for us to fly.  And though it was too windy for us to fly the kites we gathered and remembered our friends Denis Roussel and Judy Sherrod.
Standing on the beach, we all realized what an amazing weekend it had been.

© Brian Taylor

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