Where We Work, Keith Taylor

  We are pleased to share the work  space of photographer and master printer Keith Taylor. Please tell us about your work space.

Where We Work, Jim Sincock

© Jim Sincock
© Jim Sincock

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Where We Work,Michael Jackson

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Where We Work, with Randy Efros

Randy Efros Where We Work

Where We Work, Jim Sincock

Today we feature the work space of Jim Sincock. Tell us about your average working day? Some days I’m photographing outdoors, but mostly I head to my studio each morning during the week.  When I get to the studio I usually make some coffee and write down some rough ideas on what I’d like to… Read More

Where We Work

Rfotofolio is pleased to share some of the spaces where beauty is created in our Where We Work series.  Photography is done in the mind, in the field, and then in the print.  The creative process can span the photographers lifetime, and beyond. Through their work they are with us today and in the future. Today we share… Read More

The Darkroom Sink

Chuck Davis shares the history of his darkroom sink with Rfotofolio. Read More

Where We Work, Lori Vrba

Lori Vrba was kind of enough share her work space with us, so we thought we would ask a few questions. Whats your average creating day? I rarely have a day that I don’t work in some way. But during the week, I get my kids off to school and usually dive in before I… Read More