John Claridge Gallery

Steel Mill 3, 1960s © John Claridge

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2017 Rfotofolio Call for Entry

Image in banner,  Stark Tree 1956, Wynn Bullock © Bullock Family Photography,LLC The Rfotofolio Annual Call for Entry 2017 Time flies ! Deadline is May 5th. Everyone views a photograph in a different way, so this year we are pleased to say we have invited three jurors to view the work along with us at Rfotofolio.… Read More

The Creative Process, Learning from Wynn Bullock

“Light is one of the most beautiful, mystical…expressions of nature.  It is greater than any object it reveals.” Wynn Bullock We are pleased to be able to share the story behind the history and process of Wynn Bullock’s “Color Light Abstractions”.  We want to thank his daughter, Barbara Bullock-Wilson for sharing the following story about this wonderful work.… Read More

The Carol Mollhagen Erb Gallery

End of the Road ©

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