Celestial Navigation © Jean Miele

Celestial Navigation – from the photographic portfolio: “The Vintage Series: Scientific Inquiries”
Thank you for respecting the copyright of this photograph. Copyright © Mr. Jean Miele 2013. All Rights Reserved. No reproduction without written consent. This image file/photo is from Jean Miele’s website http://www.jeanmiele.com. Please do not reproduce this image in print or post it on the web without permission. To obtain permission to use this image – or to purchase original prints – please contact the photographer at 212-222-4808 or mail@jeanmiele.com


keywords: vintage; the vintage series; synergistic; synergy; science; mysticism; theology; cartography; cosmology; photography; fundamental human needs; universe; universal; photomontage; photographs; historical artifacts; ancient manuscripts; maps; star charts; ship’s logs; NASA photographs; 19th century glass plates. Democritus; Ptolemy; Galileo; Captain Cook; Edwin Hubble

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